Top-10 Most Valuable Link Amiibo Collectibles

Despite being 38 years old, The Legend of Zelda breaks the time frontier among generations being an integral part of pop culture.

The adventures of Link have been captivating millions of people since its launch, and every new release of the video-game saga has the Midas touch.

Link, the undisputed star of the franchise, is one of the most iconic characters of Nintendo’s portfolio, and his influence has made him a key figure in the video-gaming history.

He is also the King of amiibo, with 14 different NFC figures. So, we decided to look at the most valuable among them.

Here is our Top-10:

10. Link (Rider) Nintendo Switch – US version US$35

9. Wolf Link Nintendo Switch – Japanese version US$38

8. Link (Ocarina of Time) – Compatible software – International version US$39

7. Toon Link / Zelda (2-Pack) Nintendo Switch – US version US$42

6. Link (Majora’s Mask) Nintendo Switch – Japanese version US$55

5. Twilight Princess – Collector’s Edition (Japanese version) US$100


4. Twilight Princess – Collector’s Edition (Australian version) US$120

3. Musical Master Sword Stand US$150

2. Twilight Princess – Collector’s Edition (International version) US$160

  1. 1. Twilight Princess – Collector’s Edition (US version) US$160

Remember, estimated values tend to fluctuate, especially as we add more and more price points to ensure the guide’s accuracy.

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