Top-10 Most Valuable Fire Emblem Amiibo Collectibles

Since its launch in 1990, Fire Emblem has been a staple in Nintendo’s portfolio with 22 video games, most of which have seen the light on most Nintendo consoles, from NES to Nintendo Switch.

The success in the Japanese market was followed by its international release in 2003, so we could finally enjoy the adventures in the lands of Archanea and Valentia worldwide.

Its popularity introduced some of the most emblematic characters of the saga to the Super Smash Bros. universe, also finding their amiibo figures since 2014.

About those amiibo collectibles, there are some coveted and hard to find pieces, so we decided to highlight the most valuable among them.

Here is our Top-10 list:

10. Alm WII U International Version -US$29

9. Corrin (Player 2) Nintendo Switch International Version -US$31

8. Celica WII U Japanese Version – US$31

7. Tiki Nintendo Switch US Version – US$33

6. Corrin (Player 2) WII U Japanese Version – US$35

5. Tiki Nintendo Switch Japanese Version 2 – US$35

4. Alm / Celica 2-Pack (Exclusive to US market) – US$50

3. Fire Emblem Fates Birthright Nintendo 3DS exclusive Pack Pack (Exclusive to Australian market) – US$90

2. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Nintendo 3DS Limited Edition (International version) – US$110

 1. Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Nintendo 3DS exclusive Pack (Exclusive to Australian market) – US$145

Remember, estimated values tend to fluctuate, especially as we add more and more price points to ensure the guide’s accuracy.

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