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Welcome Amiibo fan! We’ll have you building your Amiibo collection in no time!

To begin, locate and click My account, then select Sign In or Register options in the upper right. Click Register and fill out the necessary information.

You’ll then be asked via your email to confirm your information.


There are four tools to find what you’re looking for on Amiibo Price Guide using search. You can combine all four to get better results faster.



APG is comprised of five main sections: Database Items, Subjects, the Marketplace, Directories (divided into Members and Local), and the Blog. Type your search terms in the text box, then click the New button if you want to search the currently selected section, or click a section label to initiate a new search in that section. You can also click the New button or one of the section labels without a search query to see the main page for the selected section.

The search is pre-set to the section of the site you are currently viewing. For example, if you are viewing a Database Item the search will default to Database Items, and if you’re on a Subject page, the search will default to Subjects. Your Showcase is part of the Members section, so the search defaults to Members there.

You can search for almost any attribute of the item you’re looking for. This search query contains the Brand, Series, Character, and Reference number…

Link Super Smash Bros 70

…and finds this Database Item. The search query becomes one of the Filters, as highlighted below.

It’s often better to start with broader terms, especially if you don’t know exactly how the Item Name or other information was formatted. Searching just parts of the Series and Item names plus the reference number works in this case as well:

Link Super Smash Bros



The hobbyDB search supports Boolean search operators to allow narrowing your search query.

You can use the following:

  • Quotation Marks:  Searching Animal Crossing without quotation marks will find all items with the words Animal and Crossing anywhere in their information. Searching “Animal Crossing” with quotation marks will only find items that have the two words together in that order (helpful if you are looking for items made by Hot Toys).
  • The Minus Sign:  Pokémon – Pikachu will only show you Pokémon items that do not include the word Pikachu. The minus and the word to be excluded have to be written together without a space. You can combine as many of these exclusions as you like, for example, Pokémon – Pikachu -amiibo.



There are several filters available on the left-hand side that can be used to narrow down search results, or even be used on their own to build a completely filter-based search.

You can combine as many different filters as you want, including additional search terms (just enter them in the search box and click Add to add the additional terms to your filters).



You can sort your search results by selecting one of the options in the drop-down menu at the top right (Added: Newest is the default)

Additional Tips

  • The search disregards Special Characters such as dashes and other punctuation, so Animal Crossing and Animal-Crosiing will get you the same results (the dash, however, can be used as a minus sign for your search string as explained above).
  • Search terms are not case-sensitive. Searching Pokémon will return the same results as searching pokemon.

Build, edit, and track your entire amiibo collection in APG. Click here and join the revolution.


Amiibo Price Guide  –  the home for amiibo collectors.

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