Finding Amiibo Treasures In The East

Nintendo has been releasing alternative amiibo packaging versions into the different regions since 2014, having the well-known US, International and Japanese variants.

However, when Nintendo released amiibo in South Korea at the end of 2015, we received interesting news from the Asian continent. In those early days, Nintendo distributed in the Korean market the Japanese amiibo versions, however it made some amazing changes in the packaging, becoming the Korean variants a must-have for amiibo collectors.

The first Super Smash Bros Korean editions include a sticker with the Nintendo 3DS logo in the front of the blister card, same as Yoshi’s Wooly World amiibo figures with an amiibo’s logo sticker.

A curiosity is that some of those variants were distributed without the sticker in the front, becoming the stickered ones in some of the most desired amiibo figures.

But the most amazing detail for all those figures, is in the back of the packaging, finding a sticker that covered the entire back of the cardboard, except for the bar code area.

That sticker was included in all the amiibo characters including Super Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, Yoshi’s Woolly World and Super Mario amiibo series, introducing a new remarkable packaging artwork for avid collectors.

When the Nintendo Switch was released, the Korean market still offered us some new design versions of all our favorite amiibos. This time, the English-Japanese and the International variants were distributed there, but they included a new sticker in the back of the cardboard.

Some of the English- Japanese amiibo packaging variants launched in South Korea in that time, also include in the front of the packaging a sticker with the amiibo logo, covering the recommended age .

And following with amiibo cards, the Korean market has its own card designs since 2020, as we can see with Animal Crossing Series 1, Animal Crossing series 2, Animal Crossing Series 3, Animal Crossing Series 4, Animal Crossing New Leaf – Welcome amiibo series, Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration series and Animal Crossing series 5. All those series were printed with the Korean character typing, including the card packs and the single cards.

In parallel, in 2020, the first amiibo figures landed in China, and this time the Big Red N surprised us with a new and exclusive packaging design for the Chinese market. Until now, only the Super Mario, Super Mario Odyssey and Kirby amiibo series are the only ones we can find there, having more extraordinary amiibo pieces to add to our collection.

As collectors, we always want to have some pieces that make the difference, and it seems that some of those treasures are waiting for us in the East market. Good luck with your hunt. See the Chinese and Korean versions and all amiibo on APG here. Let me know if you’d like to know more in the comments below.


Javier Serrano


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