APG: A New Era For Amiibo Collectors

As collectors, it is made compulsory to have a place where we can build, edit, and track our collections. For some of us, long gone are the days when people used books, lists or excel sheets to keep updated information about their favorite collectibles.

In the last decade, specialized collecting websites helped us in that way, but we are always looking for the best option. And in my own case, I found my answers in hobbyDB a few years ago. It seems it was yesterday when I created my hobbyDB account, discovering a world of endless possibilities to manage my collection.

And one of the things that hooked me was that hobbyDB is built by collectors for collectors, and with one goal: catalog every collectible ever made. We can see that idea is taking shape with hrccollector.com, poppriceguide.com and other sister websites around the hobbyDB family.

So, for a while, I was thinking about the possibility of creating a place where amiibo collectors have the chance to catalog their collections in the way they deserve. Maybe some people would consider that having one specific amiibo reference is enough for a database, but the thing is that there are a bunch of variants and subvariants in the market that just make it mandatory to build a specialized website.

Amiibo Price Guide (APG) joins hobbyDB with the same goal: catalog every single item related to amiibo. No matter if we are talking about autographed, customs, manufacturing error items, or a second run, we want all of them in the same place including related brands such as Hori and PDP Gaming among others.

The day has come, and APG currently has almost 4,000 amiibo products in the database, including the must-have Korean and Chinese versions, and we also added more than 35,000 price points to offer the best collecting experience to you.

Finally, as co-founder and partner of this project, I want to express my gratitude to the hobbyDB Team, particularly to Christian for advice and Fabio for designing the site! APG is meant to be the home for amiibo collectors and fans, and we are offering to all of you the most complete tool to catalog and manage your entire collection with the aggregate value of being in touch with other passionate collectors like you.

My collection on APG

A new era for amiibo collectors has come, I hope you enjoy the APG experience! And let me know if you’d like to know more in the comments below.


Javier Serrano

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Chris Wuensch
2 months ago

Excited for this! Great work, Javier!